The founding of East Point Project (EP) goes way back to 2 May 1992 by a team of volunteers to reach out to children with intellectual disabilities in the Eastern part of Singapore.In 1993, with the support from then Member of Parliament, Prof. Jayakumar, EP moved from Blk 410 Civil Defense Center to Bedok Community Centre. We move to Towner Gardens School in 2004, and since then, the project has gradually expanded from an initial 8 beneficiaries to 15 in 2016. Also formerly known as MINDS Youth Group (MYG), EP is one of the 8 groups under MYG which focuses on beneficiaries aged 5 to 18 years old who are going to or currently in MINDS' special schools. We share a collective vision to bring a fuller and productive life to persons with intellectual disabilities by providing social, recreational and educational activities. It is hoped that, through these activities, we will be able to guide them towards independent living.